Mobile Number Portability is a Telecommunication feature offered by all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) that allows a mobile subscriber to switch over to another service provider while retaining their existing mobile number. ICN is the custodian and host Clearinghouse for the provision of this service in Nigeria.


Our Number look-up service is poised to provide a solution for the routing issues that resulted from the introduction of Mobile Number Portability. Bank transaction alerts being one of so many. You can confirm the network where your Customer’s phone number is domiciled at every point in time by connecting to our application using our secured API’s, FTP or HTTP(web Interface) to carry out a search of your customer number which enables you update your customer information database.

Implement ID verification procedures to enhance fraud prevention


Telephone numbers are mission-critical to Telecomm Regulators and Mobile Network Operators, and keeping an accurate accounting of your numbering resources is mission-critical. Everything from having inventory to meeting growth demands to complying with regulations can be impacted by your ability to manage these valuable resources.

As your business grows, so does the potential for number inventory management challenges. New number ranges, new subscribers and more device types increase the propensity for mistakes. Tracking numbering records by a spread sheet makes it difficult to keep up with the complexity marked by more systems, more services, and more regulations