Revenue Generation For Government For Voice And Sms Taxation For International Termination Into Nigeria

Given our centralized operations and Service offerings to all Mobile Network Operators and Fixed Networks in Nigeria, we can provide a platform for accurately monitoring traffic into the country for the purposes of adequate taxation and deduction from source.

Presently, there are no adequate means of ascertaining declarations from the Network Operators for this purpose. Government revenue generation through Value Added Tax (VAT) on all Incoming International Traffic in the first instance will be huge. Capturing the Electronic Data Record (EDR) for Incoming Voice and SMS traffic into the country by a third party and making this data available to the government agency responsible will improve government revenue and eliminate leakages.

Most importantly, it gives the government a means of comparing the declaration made by the MNOs against the data from an independent third party. This transaction if implemented will not add any cost to the transit as it were. No premium is paid for this service. A very small but significant percentage of the revenue generated for VAT will accrue to the Clearinghouse as revenue.

If implemented, this project will put International Incoming Voice and SMS traffic in absolute visibility and control of the Regulator (Nigeria Communication Commission) and the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for the purposes of correct Taxation and timely returns.

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